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About Dungeon Story

Release Date

Dungeon Story is currently in development.
There are still several milestones remaining before Beta Testing will be announced.


The goal is to create a fun dungeon crawler that mixes together elements from both older games that started the genre with elements from newer games such as more complex skill systems and equipment. Inspirations for Dungeon Story include: Lufia 2 (Ancient Cave), Final Fantasy Series (Battle System), Diablo 2 (Equipment), and Guild Wars 1 (Skills).

Features of Dungeon Story

Browser Based Persistant State Saves

Every action you take is routed to and saved on the server. This means any time you close your browser or effectively stop playing, even if you are in the middle of a fight or walking around a dungeon floor, you will pick up right where you left off the next time you come back to play.

Sophisticated Skill System

6 Elements, over 130 Skills, and introducing the Chain effects system: When certain criteria are met when using a skill, that skill's chain effect is applied to the next turn's skill.

Explore the Dungeon, become Legendary!

99 randomized dungeon levels that progressively get larger with more difficult monsters and more Legendary Points to earn on each level. 3 Chests and 1 Magical Forge per level. Leave the dungeon and go back to town on any level to keep your loot, but once you leave the dungeon, you have start at the 1st dungeon level again!

Unique Party System

Train, Equip, and Control your Golem. Hire NPC in the Town's Pub. Equip a Summon skill that joins your party.

Forge and Equipment

Combine, Fuse, and Repair Equipment at the Forge to create even more powerful equipment that you found in the Dungeon.

Go to Town

  • Bank: Storage your Inventory items here so they aren't lost if you die in the Dungeon.
  • Equipment Shop: Make use of the town's Forge, buy and sell Equipment and Skill Books.
  • Pub: Hire different NPCs to join your party. Look outside for new Quests.
  • Auction House: Acquire rare Equipment and Skills.
  • Casino: Play mini games and acquire more loot!